YOMI? Microsoft CRM

Hallo zusammen!

Bereits öfters gefragt wurde ich danach wozu die „Yomi“ Attributen in CRM existieren.

Hier eine kleine Erklärund dazu aus MSDN:

„….In Microsoft CRM , we’ve added phonetic guide fields for person and company names. We call it Yomifirstname from the phonetic guide equivalent for the first name, Yomimiddlename (wherever applicable) and Yomilastname for capturing the phonetic guide equivalent for the middle name and the last name respectively.“


„In Japan, Phonetic Guide (aka reading text, Furigana, Yomi) is often used for person names and company names. The pretext is that there are various ways of reading Kanji names and its reading cannot be detected from the Kanji name itself. Let’s say, we have a friend whose last name is Komeda (in Kanji). However, there can be various Phonetic versions of his name which can be Komeda, Kometa, Maida, Maita, Yaneda, et. al. If we see his name as Komeda, it is impossible to detect what is the Yomi equivalent of his name, is it Komeda, or Kometa, or Maida or Maita or Yaneda. Since, there is one to n relationship between a person’s Kanji name and its phonetic equivalent, every name whether it is person or company now needs to store the phonetic equivalent.“



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