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Course Name: XMLports in Dynamics NAV 2009
Product Group: Dynamics NAV
Dear All,

Microsoft is pleased to announce the above mentioned Web Seminar.

The EMEA Web Seminar program is an EMEA SMS&P support initiative. The aim of the program is to help develop our Partner’s technical knowledge on our products, enhance Partner Learning and increase Customer Satisfaction. We have created a number of Web Seminars to cover specific functionalities and topics in Dynamics NAV, AX and CRM.

Microsoft Office Live Meeting is a web-based platform where PowerPoint decks and other applications can be shared with the audience. Every session will cover a separate, well defined topic and will take a maximum of 120 minutes. These sessions can be followed on the web while listening to the presenter via your computer. Each session will consist of a training/ comprehension section with questions and answers at the end.

In this session we will cover the new functionalities and usage of the XMLports in Dynamics NAV 2009.

.  Dataports & XMLports in the Role Tailored Client
.  Designing an XMLport as a Dataport
.  Extension of the XML support
.  Demonstrations
.  Q&A

Delegates can book their places on this web seminar via the Microsoft Partner Learning Centre using a .NET passport/ Windows Live ID on:

DATES & TIMES: September 15, 2009: 4:00pm – 5:00pm CET (Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome), 1 hour

LOCATION: Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 (upon registration you will receive login details).

DELIVERY LANGUAGE: This session will be presented in English.

ADDITIONAL LOGISTICS: Upon registering and receiving the login details, please ensure that you have read through the instructions contained in this document carefully in order to avoid problems connecting to your meeting on the day of the web seminar.

ADDITIONAL INVITES: If you wish to receive invitations on MBS run web seminars which relate to AX, NAV and/or CRM, please send an email to regemea@microsoft.com to inform us of your preference. If you no longer wish to receive these invitations, please send an e-mail to regemea@microsoft.com.

QUERIES: EMEA Registration, regemea@microsoft.com, Phone: +31 23 5656 510

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