NAV2013R2 – no need for Visual Studio – Report Builder Supported


Hi all, today was the last day of DIRECTIONS EMEA in Vienna. During a break I was talking to some people and found out (sorry that this was passing me until now) that in NAV 2013 R2 it is not longer required using Visual Studio for editing reports!

Of course you can still edit reports with Visual Studio as a full featured development environment, but one new additional option is to use Report Builder which is already included on the product DVD and (also like in NAV 2013) is automatically installed if you are installing NAV 2013 R2.



This means: customers now be able again to do small changes by themselves, and consultants do not need install Visual Studio any longer to do small changes directly on the PC / laptop of the end user.

All you have to do is changing an option inside the development environment to YES. This option is a new feature in NAV2013R2.

Development Environment / tools – /options



Yes, there are some limitations like you can not edit the RDLC/XML directly or Features like Document Outline are not available, but anyway this is a very interesting additional option for a lot of reports, also because the designer looks a little bit clearer than Visual Studio and it does not consume the same resources like Visual Studio does.

Decide by yourself and try it soon when Partner preview version will be shipped.

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