NAV2013: That was one small step for a developer… one… giant leap for an user :)

Hi all!

Still playing around with NAV 2013 and writing on our book NAV 2013 Inside I have noticed that the „Global Search“ Ctrl+F3 now accepting only enter for the first selected item.

So, in 2009 if you are entering „customer“ (or anything else) and you want to open the first search result you have to use the mouse or navigate down by using the arrows and then hit enter.

NAV 2013 beta supporting finally (the beta) „enter search text“ and „hit enter“ Smiley 

If you are now thinking I am crazy to blogging about this – you don’t have any idea how often I was asked why this is not working Zwinkerndes Smiley 

That was one small step for a developer. one. giant leap for an user 🙂


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