NAV2013: Power Shell– easy get started

Hi all,

some of you will know that NAV 2013 ships new professionals administration tools for maintaining NAV server instances, users etc.

These are based on power shell using cmdlets doing your tasks.

By default power shell includes a command line tool running your scripts. Windows also includes a user interface (editor) which is more flexible then the command line. It is called ISE and you can additional install it.


(You can found the code for adding the cmdlets for NAV into ISE in the installation directory of your NAV server instance – file: „NavAdminTool“)

Anyway, „surfing“ on the web I was looking for a graphical user interface which supports some kind of „word completing“ and contextual help.


PowerGUI, a graphical user interface and script editor for Microsoft Windows PowerShell!

With few steps you can also add your NAV specific cmdlets to this tool

  1. Install PowerGui
  2. Run the script editor
  3. image
  4. Click File and PowerShell Libraries
  5. image
  6. The software is now looking for local power shell libraries and should also find (if installed Zwinkerndes Smiley ) NAV
  7. image
  8. Select and confirm it by using OK
  9. Type in New-NAV … and take a look on the NAV cmdlets.
  10. image
  11. A very smart, easy (freeware) way starting working with power shell and NAV 2013.

NAV 2013 rocks ! Smiley 

PS Want more?  there  is also contextual help available .


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