NAV2013: Kill session in Session Management page

Hi all,

NAV 2013 includes a new session management page in the windows client. If someone of you have tried, there it is not possible to kill a session by using „delete“ item.

There are many ways to kill a session in NAV and these samples just should show you how you can handle this directly in the session page in the windows client.

Var 1:

  1. Open the Dev. Environment and navigate to page 9506
  2. Create a new action (configure your own custom „look and feel“ settings)
  3. Go to the C/AL Code Editor and enter the code in the „OnAction“ trigger

IF CONFIRM (‚Kill session‘) THEN STOPSESSION(„Session ID“)

4.Save, compile and run the page. Finished.




Another way would be to change the property „DeleteAllowed“ in this page to Yes and type in the „OnDeletePage“ trigger


Regards, Rene

Note: I have mentioned that NAV 2013 delivers out of the box Profile Meta Data. This applies also to page session management. So if you can’t see your changes modify the configuration settings by deleting or changing the profile meta data.

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