NAV2013: How to convert a NAV 2009 Database to NAV 2013

Hi all,

I just want to let you know some more details about „how to convert a NAV 2009 database to NAV 2013“

First of all we have to take a look on some restrictions:

It is not supported to restore a NAV backup from NAV 2009 to NAV 2013  directly


It is not supported to open a NAV 2009 Database, without changing some settings, with Development Environment of NAV 2013


So here are the steps you have to do to „convert“ the database to NAV 2013.

(some of the steps can be done in reverse order)

  1. Open your NAV 2009 Client and navigate to the object designer
  2. Remove (and/or save and then remove) all your Forms and Dataport objects (are not supported in NAV 2013 – you will not be able to convert if you skip this step)
  3. Create a SQL backup of your NAV 2009 DB (is not required if you already on a 64 Bit server)
  4. Restore it on your new 64 Bit SQL Server (is not required if you already on a server like this)
  5. Open the SQL Management Studio and navigate to your database
  6. Right Mouse click – and open the properties
  7. Navigate to the Options Group and change the compatibility level to 100 (if it is <=90)
  8. image
  9. Confirm it by clicking ok
  10. Return to NAV 2013 development environment and open the database
  11. Typically „converting dialog“ appears.
  12. image
  13. Go ahead converting the database
  14. image
  15. image

Notice: this is NOT the data migration or object migration (business logic transformation) process. It is just the first step you have to do before moving forward working with the database with NAV 2013 development environment.

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