NAV2013: How to change default server instance for development


Perhaps you are familiar with how easy it is t setup multiple NAV server instances in version 2013.  Using this scenario you are able to select different instances for the development client.

If you want change your default instance some developer navigating to Tools – Option – server instance setting:


Perhaps you have noticed that modifying this settings mostly doesn’t change anything? Either you will still get the old instance or you will get the the possibility to select your NAV server instance


The reason for this is, that you have to select the  default instance in the Database / Information window by using the drill down button :


If you select the server instance in this window it will overwrite automatically the setting in the Tools-Option dialog and you will get the result you are expected.

But if you change the setting in the Tools-Option window there is no affect changing the default instance for the database

(Note: If you change the setting in Tools-Options and restart the Development Environment – the database setting will be blank again)

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