NAV2013: Full User and Limited User Permissions (and External users!)

Full User licenses provide

users full read and full write capabilities to all of the licensed solution
functionality through any and all modes of access, including the Windows Client, the Web Client, or, in the
case of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013, the Microsoft SharePoint Client
or any other mode of access going
through the API (including Web Services).  Full User licenses are for users requiring unlimited read and
write access. As long as the number of users needing simultaneous access to the solution does not exceed
the number of Full User licenses you have acquired, these users are properly licensed for full read and write
access to the complete solution functionality. 
Limited User licenses provide

users full read, but limited write, capabilities to all of the licensed solution
functionality through any and all modes of access including the Windows Client. The Limited User license is
designed to give customers a lower-cost alternative for extending ERP to users who only need to perform
the following tasks:  

„Read“ access data contained in the ERP solution through  any client accessing the
application via the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Application Programming Interface (API) including
but not limited to the User Interface Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics NAV , Timesheet functionality  ,Write access through any client accessing the ERP solution via the Microsoft Dynamics NAV
API to a maximum of 3 table objects in any range number and any table described in Appendix A
do not count towards the 3 table objects.


with the following exceptions

limited users are not allowed to write to any of the following tables:  General Ledger
(table 17),  Permission Set (table number 2000000004), Permission (table number
2000000005) or Access Control (table number 2000000053);

External users are customers of organizations licensing Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. External users are
defined in the security table by assigning named customer users an External User designation. External
users do not consume concurrent users for access. External users must not be used to perform business 

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