NAV2013: “Memo field” without using an Add-in ?


In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 it is supported (and default value) to use text variables without a length.(not fields!)

just my 2 cents:

Because of this it could be possible to use a workaround for a „memo field“ without an add-in.

1. Just create a page (or use an existing one) with a text variable without a length.

2. Use the variable instead of a field directly in the page.

3. Set some properties about the look and feel (like width) and .

voila‘ „a memo control“


All you have to do now is add some code for storing the data in a blob (in the table) and

– reload it when you get the record or

– save it (you can use an action for this) when you want to change it.

Of course no text formatting options are available.



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