NAV2009:Demo M(what)?


Today I was contacted many times about

Q:„Rene, what do you think about Demo M“? (Sorry that I did not write the whole product name because I don’t want to be a commercially platform for the vendor.)

A:Well, this is a good question, I answered. First of all I am not an expert or professional in software like this, but I also downloaded,installed it and tried the Alicia Demo. My experience was – yes it is working 🙂 – but it wasn’t the first time for me using software like this.

Q:“But what is the reason that this software is so present at this time?”

A:For me one argument was that every time when NAV 2009 Demo is mentioned, Virtual PC is mentioned too. Since last Friday Virtual PC for doing a demo with NAV 2009 is history. The product CD is ready for download on partnersource, and yes it is possible to run the demo version of NAV 2009 on XP or Vista like version 5.0.

So I think we should change the questions:

Q:“Is it necessary to demo NAV 2009 in a virtual environment” – A:No it isn’t

Do you think doing a demo with “clicking through PrintScreens” is necessary of even better instead of a live demo?”

A:No, but it could help in front of a very big audience… (Or it could help a presenter who isn’t ready enough doing a live demo ….but then *thinking* ..Answer by yourself, should this person do the demo ;P)

So decide by yourself, are you ready enough doing a life demo with NAV 2009? If not, I am sure in the next weeks you will be. But

Don’t rate the (Demo M or any other) software, rate your presentation!



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