NAV2009: Dataports and XML Ports


Hi all,

As you know in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Dataports are not supported in the Role Tailored client. For this issue Microsoft extended XML Ports to make it possible to export also variable or fixed text files with Dataports additional to XML file format.

But are Dataports really not supported on the RT client?  

Well, during a workshop the following idea was coming up:

What will happen if I design a report in and for the classic client, but I will not design sections for it? Instead sections we place DATAPORT.RUNMODAL(number) in the OnPreDataItem of the report.

(For anyone who didn’t know this scenario: if a report doesn’t have a RDLC layout a classic client session is executed)

The Dataport still works! Sure, the report request form is coming up before, but maybe for some situation this will be helpful.

(Note: it is recommended and I also prefer to use XML ports instead of workarounds in the role tailored client, but if sometimes the time becomes tight, this can be “a solution”.)


Download my Report/Dataport example report and try it.

(Note: In this case the Report/Dataport is running on the 2-tier architecture)

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