NAV 2009SP1: Reporting Item Dashboard Teil 2 / 2

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Hallo zusammen!

Wie versprochen gibt es hier das Update zum Thema  Item Dashboard.

(Ausnahmsweise mal in Englisch, Post wird auch anderswertig verwendet)


NAV 2009 SP1 – Item dashboard example

Hi all,

Some of you remember the sales dashboard published some months ago.

Based on this there was an idea to create also an Item Dashboard showing inventory, KPI example and a chart.

Waiting on Service Pack 1 the item dashboard is now ready and shows some new reporting capabilities:

„Drill Through a report“


You already know that it is possible to „drill through“ a page from a report. The sales dashboard shows this example in navigate to the related task page from the report.

The item dashboard uses the new capability: It is based on 2 reports:

Base Report 1 is Item by location


Features:  Matrix control | Conditional Formatting | Drill Through report (with passing filter)

Report 2 Item Dashboard


Features: is called from Report 1 | KPI based on images | inventory based on images

Here are some explanations:

New report properties in SP1

EnableHyperlinks: Must be TRUE for report 1

EnableExternalImages: new property in SP1 using external images (is not used in these reports)

Enable Drill through a report and pass a filter

Similar to „drill through pages“ you have to set the navigation properties. In case of navigate to a report you have to use (in this example)


Ok, all „other stuff“ should be clear if you are using reporting services with NAV 2009 before SP1.

If you have any questions just let me know

Download Item Dashboard


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