DIRECTIONS EMEA: a real life story – happened few minutes ago..

A real life story – happened few minutes ago..

*lol* - 

In German it was still more fun than it sounds in English.

„–rinng rinng – my phone is ringing.—-„

Me: Hello?

C: Hey, my name is ****. I am talking to Rene Gayer?

Me: Yes, what can I do for you?

C: I found 45 bills – looking like USD but it seems to be another currency – Looks like a lot of money?

Me: Ähm, can you see the word „Directions“ on it?

C: Yes

Me: Ok.., but they did not include my name? So what is the reason you are calling me?

C: I used Google finding out a relation to a person.?So is it a lot of money?

Me: Unfortunately not. They was used for a game, it is not real money. I am sorry.

C: Ok, so I can not by anything with this?

Me: That’s correct

C: Ok, too bad, I thought you lost it .

Me: No sorry, but really nice to calling me

C: Okay… thank you .bye

Me: bye 😀

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