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Hi, first of all let me say “hello” from Copenhagen. Today the convergence started with a keynote and promised interesting next 2 days. For all who could not attend I will try to get as much as I can slide decks and put it on the blog. But this take a little time because they are always published first some weeks after the convergence.

Today I discussed with my colleagues about what they thinking about preview some pages of our upcoming book on the blog?? and after cut off many content we agree that some pages we want to publish. 🙂

Until today it’s about 70 subscribers to whom we went to say thank you for trusting our knowledge.

Sure, we are trying as much as we can to going on publishing the book and so also on Convergence  is a campaign running on it.

All subscribers entering the voucher code “Convergence2008” will get 10 € discount on the unit price on

This offer is also valid for our blog readers!

Back to the preview:

Please note:

The pages you can download are low quality in some ways. There is only low spelling, formatting and content check. We are currently busy with going on writing the chapters and completing high quality check in some weeks. Anyway we hope that you like, and can use the less, but interesting preview pages.

Download Preview Chapter of NAV 2009 Inside

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Let me know if you have some questions.



Comments are welcome 😉

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