Action inside the page ..

Hi all,

During developing a role center some days ago I was looking for a solution to create an action INSIDE the page and not at the bottom or on the top left corner.

After few minutes I found a small workaround for this without building an Activity Center with cues.


1. Create a cardpart or listpart page (depending on your requirements)

2. Create a cue group in your page but DON’T create fields below it (so no cues are visible)

3. Now use the Action Designer on the cue group line and create your action


4. Save/compile and start the page – VOILA there is an action INSIDE the page ..


Note: An additional improvement is to place some „-„character below and above the action. You should note that actions items are not visible if there is no real action behind it. But we don’t want to run anything in the action lines because they are just for „visual improvements“ ….

Solution: Place a comment in the OnAction trigger of both items. –


image image




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