Learn4D365 Virtual Reality Community Launch


In February 2021, we announced that just like learning itself, the learner will have to adapt and develop again and again. We want to become more efficient. We want to complement things, not replace them.

We want to unite the #gemeinschaft#community. Do not split. An important sentence in these times. 🙋 ♂️💉

The “metaverse” will be a virtual world🌍 👩 🚀sein into which one can dive even deeper than before, right down to the facial expressions of the people. “Instead of looking at a screen, they will be in the middle of these experiences,” Mark Zuckerberg recently said in similar words.

The term metaverse was popularised in 1992 by Neal Stephenson in his science fiction novel Snow Crash.

Whether it hits the zeitgeist that people sometimes just want to leave “this world” or not, learning and communicating in virtual reality is definitely an interesting addition. 🗺️

Meta learning, by definition, is definitely the wrong term for our next step. It’s more the combination of what do I already know, what can I do, and what is possible, what we are pursuing with this step. 🧠

Perhaps it is an exaggeration when I say: Anyone who enters a virtual reality meeting room for the first time👩 🚀, feels like an explorer of a new world. But I could imagine that it felt the same way. 🗺️

To share this experience with others, we are launching our first Learn4D365® Virtual Reality Community Event on 15.12.21.

Since the platform is still in beta status, there are some things you should know before that, and of course restrictions on the number of participants.

For this reason, we hold a classic Microsoft Teams meeting a week before.

🥽🙋 ♂️ 06.12.21 Learn4D365 Pre – Virtual Reality Community Meeting (#msteams) 1
0:00 – 11:00 R
egister now: shorturl.at/lnCUY(n
o VR glasses required yet)

✔️ System requirements
✔️ Learning in VR ✔️
Dynamics 365 in VR
✔️ Meeten in VR ✔️ ✔️
questions and if necessary we raffle the
accesses as these are limited.

Exciting discussions with
Michaela Gayer
Gerald Steurer-Pernsteiner
Wolfgang Wolf
Rene Gayer
Alexander Sturm

If you want to be part of it, simply register for the pre-event and indicate whether you want to participate via VR (hardware required) or classically via browser. 🥽🙋 ♂️

Become part of the world’s first#dynamics365#virtualreality #community and take another step to shine in your job.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in the comment function.

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