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Update 08.11.21

Hi all,update on the Intrastat changes for 2022. Planned ETA: December 2021.”It applies to all countries affected.Note: no changes on file formats supported as the scope of the update is to comply with the 2 new data fields needed (Partner VAT Reg. no. and Country of Origin) and some other minor data updates.Thanks,Tom├ís” (Microsoft)

From the reporting year 2022, RTIC will be the only technical interface for submitting the INTRASTAT declaration. You can test the submission of the Intrastat declaration for the reporting year 2022 in the RTIC test application (RTIC test). IDEP/CN8.NET or the transmission via EDIFACT rate or the submission of an INTRASTAT declaration on a paper form will no longer be available from the reporting year 2022.

In January 2022, a new Intrastat format EBS/FRIBS must be sent to the tax office.

The message is transmitted via an RTIC interface.

After various discussions in different channels, it has now finally been possible to get an official response from Microsoft to Business Central.

Many thanks to Stephan for the info and to Katrin for the forwarding

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