Exam MB-800: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant FAQs

For several months now, an official Microsoft exam for Dynamics 365 Business Central has been in place again. Probably not the last. For this reason, we publish FAQs that we consider to be essential.

Current status (15.01.21), Update 19.01.21

Exam MB-800 Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant (beta)*

*The exam is already in the published status. The beta status has been removed. On some pages, depending on the language, it may be necessary to select the language English for the website so that the “Beta” message disappears.

The impact is that you don’t get exam results right away, and it’s not currently clear whether the beta exam will be accepted even after it’s accepted into the final status for the Microsoft partnership. However, it may be valid for the Microsoft partnership. But maybe not. But microsoft may also use the new methodology for renewing exams

In which languages is the exam currently available


Will the exam be available in other languages too

It may be, as in the past with some exams, but it doesn’t have to be.

How much does the exam cost

165 USD

Where can I perform the exam

The exam can be carried out online or in an exam centre. Online execution requires a webcam, microphone, and proof of identity

How can I register

Microsoft Web page – If the “sign in” button is not available, try to switch the page language to English.

Is it recommended to take the exam

This is an individual view. Some companies need this for their partnership with Microsoft. Other people take the exam to present their skills to their employer/applications. Others to consolidate their position as a community expert in the market. Our opinion on this issue is that the exam treats some areas in a completely different way than it is used in practice. In the end, therefore, it is a question of purpose.

Should I prepare for the exam

Yes. We passed the exam without preparation. However, this was due to years of experience with Microsoft tests and the knowledge of how the manufacturer “works” in such tests. Of course, the Business Central experience also plays a very important role. “Just like that” it remains a bit of a gamble, if not. But if you like this, you can try it. Otherwise – yes.

Please note that it is a must to carefully read the case study instructions during the actual exam in order to understand the questions.

What documents are available

With the corresponding exam as a search term, the Internet provides a variety of preparation options. We provide the course MB-800: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Functional Consultant | Exam preparation as exam preparation. It does not provide practical knowledge.

How much does it cost to prepare for exams at Learn4D365

This is free of charge.

Will there be further exams

According to manufacturer Microsoft, yes. When is not yet defined.

Is it recommended taking the exam “for testing” new employees

Our opinions on that – “No”. We recommend first of all more practical exams, such as some on our platform, or similar. The reason for this is simply due to the content that is queried.

Is this exam for customers and / or Microsoft partners

The exam can be performed by anyone who register. However, the target group is primarily professionals.

I have further questions

You can discuss them in our community

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