Dynamics 365 Business Central Solution Architect Certification

Learn4D365® Certified Dynamics 365 Solution Architect



Access for registered users is now even easier, and every learning enthusiast can now take our exam without any course requirements. The prerequisites were thus placed on the building certifications, and no longer exclusively on the courses. 💯

You think you have the necessary skills? Then you can get started right away. Our exams are free of charge and do not incur an exam fee.👀

In order to give experienced developers the opportunity to expand and test their knowledge in the field of solution development, we have dared to do something completely new.

Certified Dynamics 365 Solution Architect💣

✅ A learning path to implementing a solution

✅ tips and tricks from a podcast on how to find a solution in the first place

✅ The implementation of a solution

✅ A certification with questions about design, development and execution

✅ as bonus material (free of charge) a self-test checklist of the manufacturer for publication on App Source.

Become Learn4D365 Dynamic 365 Solution Architect

Have fun learning.

Learning paths (beginner and advanced)

Certifications (beginner and advanced)

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