Business Central: Use Translation Services directly in VS Code

At the beginning of June 2022, Microsoft released a new extension for Visual Studio Code. This makes it possible to automatically translate .xlf files into various languages in simple steps.

In the background, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Translation Service (DTS) is set. This service is specifically designed for Microsoft Dynamics products.

A detailed description of the service can be found under this link:

Previously, you had to upload the file to be translated manually, wait for the result and then load the generated file back into the VC code project. Now the Dynamics 365 Translation Service (Preview) extension is available directly in VS Code.

The following video shows the really simple process of how this service can be used:

Business Central: Use Translation Services directly in AL (German)

My personal conclusion: The handling is very simple. You will even receive an additional e-mail when the translation is completed. One or the other translation does not yet work 100% Business Central compliant. For example, the term customer is translated with customer and not with customer, but this is where the topic of machine learning comes into play, but that’s another big topic.

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