Business Central 2021 Release Wave2 General Availability

01.10.21 Microsoft: We are pleased to announce the general availability of Business Central 2021 release wave 2. New customers will automatically get the latest builds of Business Central 2021rw2 (version 19).

Hello all,

Microsoft has released the next version of Business Central, 2021 Wave 2. We will report on Whats New in Business Central 2021 Wave 2 on 29.10.21 in our NAVTALK broadcast as usual.

As usual, numerous optimizations, but also new functionalities have been added.

Of course, you can now pick out a handful of features, and at this point mention how great they are. (and of course some of them are really great)

In my opinion, however, it is a question of the company which of these innovations help whom the most.

Since many users have been asking us for many years whetherthe data entry in the web browser has been improved again,I therefore only pick out this optimization and say (as so far in the last 2 years)

Yes, Microsoft has made data entry even faster and more efficient.


Strategically, however, one should perhaps highlight one thing that is not immediately apparent at first glance. For all onPrem customers who still legitimately exist, it is slowly but surely time to think about the future from release to release. (ok, actually it’s been time to think about it for 10 years, but you already know what I mean)

Ui, did Rene Gayer say we need to go to the cloud?? No, of course I didn’t. I’m just saying that if you haven’t yet taken an ERP look into the future with your Dynamics 365 partner and internally, you should make up for it in a timely manner.

Who knows if we won’t soon expect a similar situation in the ERP environment as in CRM, that certain features will be provided exclusively for the cloud….

Netkicks 🤠

Well, that’s another topic.

So now I have to go again. It’s time to update an online course. 😉

LG Rene