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24. September 2010 ı ConvergenceEMEA

CONVERGENCE EMEA 2010: Prag–Ich freue mich auf euch!

CONVERGENCE EMEA 2010- Prag?Ich freue mich auf euch!

19. November 2009 ı ConvergenceEMEA ı NAV2009

Virtual Convergence EMEA 2009 …..

All recorded sessions are already available..

2. November 2009 ı Bücher ı ConvergenceEMEA ı Events

Free 10 € Book Voucher for Dynamicsblog subscribers

Hello all!


On Convergence in Vienna we shared a 10 ? voucher code for the online store

The code is valid until 12.12.2009.


Especially for subscribers here is the bookmark NAV 2009, including the voucher code.

The voucher can only be used for one order per one company.



1. November 2009 ı ConvergenceEMEA

CONV09 29.October “Extending your NAV Solution” – Files

Hello everybody!

As I mentioned in my presentation I publish all my examples for downloading and personal use.

Below you find the

Reporting Dashboard template (building a dashboard in few minutes)


The TIF Editor+ improvements

(thanks WALDO for automatic transformation feature)


The C# client add-in templates to build add-ins from scratch in few minutes and some other examples (note: for developing the carousel I used the Telerik Winform Controls)

image image

IF you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me


Demonstration Files/Examples

Note:In the mid of November my recorded session should be available at the Virtual Convergence.

I will update you if it is available

ı Bücher ı ConvergenceEMEA

Impressions Convergence EMEA Vienna 29.Oct. Afternoon(closing)

CONV09Vienna26 CONV09Vienna3 (mehr …)

30. Oktober 2009 ı ConvergenceEMEA ı Events

CONVERGENCE EMEA 2009 Vienna closing …

Hi everybody,

After this very cool and great event the CONVERGENCE EMEA 2009 in Vienna is closed now..

IT WAS A GREAT EVENT. THANK YOU very much to all attendees, sponsors and partners.

I am to tired today for posting the pictures.  So check the blog tomorrow once again, pictures will follow soon.




28. Oktober 2009 ı ConvergenceEMEA ı Events ı MicrosoftDynamics

CONVERGENCE EMEA VIENNA – Making of 28.10.09

Hi all, today I did my rehearsal at ACV for my presentation tomorrow.

I collected some impressions of the making of .  here they are – hope to see you tomorrow 🙂

MakingOfCONV09Vienna5 MakingOfCONV09Vienna6 MakingOfCONV09Vienna7 MakingOfCONV09Vienna8 MakingOfCONV09Vienna1 MakingOfCONV09Vienna2 MakingOfCONV09Vienna3 MakingOfCONV09Vienna4

ı ConvergenceEMEA ı Events

CONVERGENCE EMEA: Industry Days – 28.10.09 Closing Impressions

here are some closing impressions from Vienna at the Industry days

DynamicsParIndDays091028_4 DynamicsParIndDays091028_3DynamicsParIndDays091028_1 DynamicsParIndDays091028_2 DynamicsParIndDays091028_5

27. Oktober 2009 ı ConvergenceEMEA ı Events ı MicrosoftDynamics

CONVERGENCE EMEA:Impressions – Partner Industry Day 1 27.10.2009


Convergence Vienna EMEA

Impressions from day 1 – Partner Industry Days


DynamicsParIndDays091027_27DynamicsParIndDays091027_8DynamicsParIndDays091027_32DynamicsParIndDays091027_2 (mehr …)

26. Oktober 2009 ı ConvergenceEMEA

Microsoft Dynamics on the Road – This week in Vienna!

Hi all!

These great events will start tomorrow. Today I was there to visit the location and setup some equipment.

Hope to see you in one of these next days.


Partner Industry Forum 27-28. October Vienna 2009

DYNAA Pre Conference 2009 28 October 2009

Convergence EMEA Vienna 29. October Vienna 2009